Speed up this site

  10 years ago
  Under dev. review

I'm not sure why, but this site is the one that is the slowest to load pages of any in my bookmarks. Is there a way in budget of making it so I don't have to wait 40 seconds for each page to load?

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sunewbie 10 years ago

ya it happens sometime that ideas page take time to load

heiowge 10 years ago

9.15 pm GMT. Site slow. It loads my stuff, but the general ideas page is taking an ice age to load.

sunewbie 10 years ago

ok. I looged in at 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, 9:30 pm and it was working alright. dont know whats the reason.

Good thing is that this idea is 'Under Dev Review' :)

heiowge 10 years ago

I tend to log in here just before bed. Say about 11pm ish GMT. That's off peak for the UK, but it might not be for the site.

sunewbie 10 years ago

it is country or location based or maybe time based. What time do you login?

heiowge 10 years ago

I find that sometimes it works fine, but most of the time there is a significant lag in loading. Far more than any other site I visit.

sunewbie 10 years ago

No prob with speed an loading time. Before a year it was too slow, but since getting a dedicated server, its fast atleast here in Mumbai, India

joelz 10 years ago

hi all, I forgot to mention before: some months ago I submitted a bug report regarding the COMMUNITY>Ideas button, and how it takes a long time to load.
So I am agreeing with you all that there is an issue here, and i think its a bit annoying and a waste of time having to wait 1 minute to get back to the ideas page before i can read another one.

Hammer459 10 years ago

Sometimes it is fast but often 30 - 60 seconds to load community/ideas

PiGeek 10 years ago

It is quite fast for me

blueXrider 10 years ago

Better than what it was a year ago but still slow

joelz 10 years ago

@KOLEGA I agree, i have the same problem

jose_manuel 10 years ago

Yes, the site is very slow lately. To see the new ideas of the community takes about 40-50 seconds to open. Too slow. Very Good Idea !!!! I Promote this Idea.-

KOLEGA 10 years ago

Main problem is with ideas database...

Thinker 10 years ago

For me, this is the fastest website to load... no problem with speed.