Xfburn (or something else) instead of Brasero

  8 years ago

Each time I use Brasero to make some CDs or DVDs it returns error and the CD/DVD is wasted, while Xfburn works fine.

I strongly suggest to include Xfburn (or, at least, something else) as native CD/DVD burner for Linuxmint, instead of Brasero.
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MintChip 5 years ago

This needs to be reconsidered. Ubuntu is dropping Brasero from the standard rollout because it is unmaintained. It's also known to have bugs.


MikeF90000 8 years ago

Brasero is severely neglected by the Gnome developers. It can't even burn read/write discs!!
Xfburn is fine and is used by Lubuntu and Xubuntu.
I like k3b but it does drag along a lot of QT & KDE libraries.

Shin 8 years ago

yes it's "Considered" status, but I have no idea of what it exactly means (see http://community.linuxmint.com/idea/view/3394)

raneern99 8 years ago

AFAIK, it is marked as Considered (unless it has changed since your post).

Thinker 8 years ago

Brasero needs to be replaced by awesone Xfburn...Promoting

raneern99 8 years ago

Yeah, I like xfburn.

Shin 8 years ago

... or we can use simply Xfburn

raneern99 8 years ago

The one problem with K3B is that it requires QT on the default install, although I don't remember if QT is included anyway. Now that Mint has gone past the CD limit, I guess adding QT wouldn't be bad at all.

raneern99 8 years ago

I use mostly gnome apps, but I don't care at all for brasero.

heiowge 8 years ago

I agree, to some extent. Brasero is not my first choice. I far prefer K3B maybe that's my KDE history speaking, but I always found Brasero flakey and K3B had a far higher success rate with discs, especially burning Video DVDs.