A cleaning tool

  8 years ago

What about including (by default) a cleaning tool for LinuxMint system? I mean a tool like BleachBit
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larmi 8 years ago

if you could get 10 to 30 gigabytes of free space, then perhaps it would be useful..
and i never seen linux make so much garbage as windows. so if it were windows and ccleaner then i could understand.
and there was problems with ubuntu when BleachBit was used with root access.

theduke 8 years ago

Not keen on Bleachkit, as it has been known to erase files that aren't rubbish.

Hammer459 8 years ago

@Shin BleachBit will not free up any space. It will overwrite the already freed disk space with a random bit pattern thus making it slightly harder to retrieve the deleted files.

Shin 8 years ago

@larmi: so, do you think more free space is not a benefit?

larmi 8 years ago

there has never been benefit on linux!! so no!

Mintification 8 years ago

I would personally go for this :) Bring on the bleachbit!

Shin 8 years ago

6 votes and 0 score while I'm writing this, it would be good if people who Demoted this can comment here if they know an other app better than bleachbit, to let us know :)

quake0 8 years ago

I agree 100%. Bleach bit should be a default program.