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  9 years ago

Hitting F1 in the Mint desktop currently drops you on the Mint website and provides a link to a whole bunch of PDF files claiming to be "help" - which is practically useless for most users, who instead are trying to find out about a specific function.

What would be much better is if hitting F1 would redirect the user to a context-specific Linux Mint wiki-link.

A wiki would allow the community to add or update help information as needed, and distribute the (considerable) burden of creating a useful, context specific help. It would also automate the usual Linux user process of "run into a problem, Google for answer" by allowing that knowledge to slowly be brought together in a centralized place.
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OperantIssue 9 years ago

What I'm proposing is some hook code which would launch a URL request a Mint wiki relevant to the specific control or function or screen being invoked - context aware help - which would then open a relevant page for a wiki-based help system.

It would make it easy to add or update specific features, and it would make it easy to contribute for those who don't do so much coding.

Forums are great, but you have to wait for a response when my question might be a very specific "what does this checkbox control do" and it should be written down somewhere easy to access. The knowledge learned and exchanged in them - ideally - eventually should migrate to a help system of some sort.

remoulder 9 years ago

Nice suggestion but unfortunately there is no such wiki, it has been tried and failed. I would also argue that this wouldn't provide the kind of help that you are suggesting and searching/asking on the forums may provide a quicker answer.

joelz 9 years ago

the forums is a good place to go for more specific help or if you want to find out more about something.