optimize Software Manager search tool

  8 years ago
  Under dev. review

If you try to search something on the Software Manager, WITHOUT choosing a category first, you get stuck most of times (probabily because it has to search among so many things).

Just to give an example: I have to look for "blender", but it get stuck as soon as I type "b" (I guess because it starts to look for all things start with "b..." and there are so many, or maybe for an other reason I don't know).

Tested on a Asus-K53SC (with a i7-2630QM), connected using wireless, LinuxMint 13 (MATE).

I think it needs an optimization, to avoid this unconfortable event.
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Octoberator 8 years ago

It crashes on me a lot, and I have a pretty good computer. Promote.

Shin 8 years ago

It's not my machine, but my friend's one. However, I'm not sure if the search start at first, second, or third char exaclty, but when it get stuck there is the text field stuck at first letter.