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  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

Add to the My Places menu a link to a page with all the software reviewed by the user.
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blueXrider 8 years ago


Tonya 8 years ago

yes, good idea

blueXrider 8 years ago

agreed with @pbmuk

Steampunk-Nick 8 years ago

good idea

mikefreeman 8 years ago

Sure, this sounds reasonable.

mysoomro 8 years ago

Nice idea.

Elisa 9 years ago

Well, I remembered that I read "...there are just few screens of most apps, we need more screens...". When I asked how to make screens (now I know how :)) and how to share them etc., nobody replied, so I suppose screens and helpful information about all apps is more important ;-)
However, wish ya goodluck! :-))

Alexio 9 years ago

@Elisa - Each user may find a personal purpose because this idea is about "My software". As the other users say, the purpose is to motivate the community members to write more software reviews by allowing each user to easily find all submitted reviews. Also, I think it would be useful to have the option to print, for personal reference, the list of all my reviewed software.

Elisa 9 years ago

But u haven't mentioned the purpose u wanna have something like that...?

grim 9 years ago

It would be nice to keep track of our reviews! :)

DJCrashdummy 9 years ago

some time ago i began writing reviews (in german & english) for all the software i use (and need to install on new machines for friends)... but then i noticed only the reviews with 5 stars are shown in my profile!!!
so i stopped writing reviews because it's useless for me! --> i use and need also software which i have not rated as "Awesome!"!!!

so PLEASE add a "My Software/Reviews"-section to the community-site!!! PLEASE!!!!!

5_O_Clock_Charlie 9 years ago

I like it !

pbmuk 9 years ago

I agree. I can't find half my reviews or check that the pics I've submitted for software have been accepted. The Favourite Software section doesn't list everything