Linux Mint (light) version for Raspberry Pi hardware requested

  7 years ago

I have to admit that I have not extensively tried to seek for all possibilities to install LM on my latest toy the British development Raspberry Pi. However, so far most common Linux distributions seem to be difficult to install one to one on this master piece of mini computers.

Since I use LM as a base for many of my scientific computers experiments including small field measurements I would be interested to have a "light weight" LM version with a simple desktop like Xfce.

So here is my idea or better my proposal: Why not providing a easy to install LM "light" for Raspberry Pi which could be applied for science and education?
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linux1492 7 years ago

ok. I was afraid that might be one answer ):

I am not on a level of an OS developer. Therefore allow me one question:

Debian (derivate) works on ARM devices => Ubuntu is some kind of Debian & Ubuntu should work on ARM devices => Mint is close to Ubuntu (if I understood this the right way) => What permits Mint from running on ARM devices?

remoulder 7 years ago

Mint doesn't run on ARM devices