Add more information about how LinuxMint Community works

  8 years ago
  Under dev. review

I mean adding a page with some information about things such as: how ideas system works, what various idea-status mean, how users-score is assigned, etc... which may be not clear to everyone
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GILINUX 7 years ago

Good idea ! I promote

dogsolitude_uk 7 years ago

Very much so. I've been using Mint for a couple of years now and only discovered this the other day!

dsgna89 8 years ago

Having just joined the community, I very much promote this idea. I still can't figure out how this xp works ...

telcnas 8 years ago

Its a very obvious thing to do......

heiowge 8 years ago

I've been wondering most of that all along...

Hammer459 8 years ago

That would be helpful.

hosef 8 years ago

As a fairly new participant in the Mint community I think this would be very helpful. I was able to figure out what many of the things meant and how most of the site works, but I still haven't figured everything out. Someone with less computer experince than me, or not so good English would definatly be helped by this.