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  12 years ago
  Under dev. review

For each package you can review or install it would be nice to have some information about other software that could be used for the same task and are not listed in the same category.
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lib2know 6 years ago

This idea explained in detail:
List of alternative softwares in 'Software manager'

LinuxFan5 7 years ago

Just visit There you are!

mysoomro 10 years ago

Just thought of the same idea today! And I try to do it in my reviews. :-)
Great idea. and very important one.

Alexio 11 years ago

Some of the software from the upcoming Elementary project distribution may be good examples: the Midori web browser, the upcoming Postler e-mail client, the Dexter address book, the Purple dictionary, and Nautilus elementary.

Also, using websites like Wakoopa or AlternativeTo, some better alternatives may be found.

jahwarrior4179 12 years ago

This is a pretty sweet idea. Could save a lot of google time. Especially for a noob like me.

rubengrimm 12 years ago

I love this idea and if has got a good API it would be great to use it. Otherwise it could be user generated and integrated in the Linux Mint Community, but that would raise the effort quite much.

Joeasaurus 12 years ago

Maybe integration with would be the way to go?

mcduarte2000 12 years ago

This could be user generated.