Better Nemo file search

  7 years ago
  Under dev. review

Nemo is really good, but one major thing it is missing is a really good file search, like has been added to nautilus in 3.6. I think it uses tracker, and if you implemented this feature, it could also be used, say, in the mint menu if you wanted.
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Multimedix 5 years ago

You dont need to input "*" and "?" to search with wildcards!

You can search in Nemo-Filemanager with:
searchtext .odt = *searchtext*.odt

(Also pay attention at the "empty space" between "searchtext" and ".extension")

kiwi 7 years ago

I added Synapse as Alt+space to give me the extra search functionality I'd missed when comparing the Crunchbang/Ubuntu/Gnome 3.8 menu's with Mints. Try Synapse if you haven't already.

The 1.8.2 version's search is pretty good - in fact Nemo was finally good enough that I dropped spacefm. A very very nice interface and functionality. The only remaining issue is the underlying Ubuntu issue: when you transfer to a USB it reports the transfer finished and will eject it before it actually finishes. Conky with a sdc and sdd monitor permits me to visually check so that's ok.

wiegerw 7 years ago

A more powerful search would indeed be very useful. I often search for filenames with wild cards, that contain a certain string.

Instead of clicking on a lense and having to specify a directory, I prefer to have a search entry in the context menu. I.e. when right clicking with the mouse on a directory in Nemo, a dialogue box should appear that enables to search in this directory (similar to how it was done in Windows XP).

crismblog 7 years ago

promote the idea