Suggest new software packages that are not available in the repositories

  12 years ago

For example I would suggest the Wink software available at and the Osiris Serverless Portal System from or some other less-known software that I would like to be available in the repository.
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dagon 10 years ago

There seem to have been some sort of community managed repo (before I got minted) and people are already using the idea function to suggest software.

new -> considered

Simeon 11 years ago

Testing and testing of various software, whether was my fault or a virtue.

blueXrider 11 years ago

Time for a change

dagon 11 years ago

Well, there is a thread for this in the forum:
... at least something! :)

tpapastylianou 12 years ago

I'd like to add to this, if possible (also see this long post)
Other than just a software suggestion list there could be:

  • A voting system for suggested apps. Best ones could be reviewed by the boss to be considered as default apps, or at least entering the repositories. However, even if this is not the case, a voting system is good in itself (serves a slightly different purpose than the ranking system used in the software centre)

  • A central page where people can see all relevant information and statistics for these apps, such as how many people use them, voting/ranking ratings, comments, associated tutorials, where to get them, how to install, alternatives to consider, or 'this is a good alternative to', or 'top 10 apps in same category', maybe even an automated installation script, etc.

  • Give the software center the ability to also (optionally) browse through these lists of user suggested software, tagged as 'other software, not in the repository'. (a simple popup on first use clarifying why repository apps are better in being tested, safe and updateable would suffice to point out the difference to newbies)

  • Note that such a modification would also very easily allow users to suggest cloud apps, as well as normal apps. Though ideally I'd have liked this to be a separate filter (i.e. 'show cloud apps among search results'). In fact, you can expand this point to apps from other sources (such as Wine/Playonlinux apps, commercial apps/games, etc), but again, ability to filter these categories out would be desirable

baffle-boy 12 years ago

you mean like a community site section... sounds cool.