Allow to use Win key (Super_L) as custom keyboard shortcut

  8 years ago

Even if Win key (Super_L) is working (ctrl+Super_L currently open mintMenu as default), I'm not able to set it as a custom keyboard shortcut.

I strongly suggest to allow to use it as custom keyboard shortcut.
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GILINUX 7 years ago

It's work on LM16 XFCE

Jocmoc 8 years ago

in LM 14 it works perfect ;-)

Shin 8 years ago

Also it seems mintMenu shortcut is NOT working on LMDE

Stormwoken 8 years ago

Interesting. On my laptop, MintMenu is opened just by pressing the Win button, no ctrl needed.

Shin 8 years ago

@remoulder: maybe you may explain us what do you mean

remoulder 8 years ago

Suggestions without context are pointless. Also please use the forums when you don't understand how something works.

KOLEGA 8 years ago

Well, i was very surprised, that this is not able in LM, sure that it will be great...