cinnamon: true flip on move

  6 years ago
  Under dev. review

In recent cinnamon releases, we have a "edge flip" feature. We can drag a window to a edge, wait a few seconds and then the desktop flips with the window. But the window appears at the same place on the screen as on the previous desktop. Also, when "edge flip" is enabled, it also flips if only the mouse (without dragging any window) is maintained at the edge. An user may want to flip *only when moving a window* (and not if he just points the mouse to the edge).

The idea here is to implement a true "flip on move" which, at least, would be equivalent to what we have in xfce. That means: when I drag a windows to the right edge, the screen instantly flips to the next desktop with this window (and the mouse) at the left of this desktop. From this point I can release the mouse button (and the move is done) or redrag to the left to return to the original desktop. Of course, it would be nice to add some animation; something to visualize what we are doing. It would then be better than xfce.

The expo feature of cinnamon is nice, but a true "flip on move" is a quicker way to move a current window to the next desktop (and go to this desktop).
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honkytonkwillie 6 years ago

The "wait a few seconds" for the flip to occur is what keeps me staying with XFCE. I can live for a while without being able to drag windows along with the flip, but being able to effortlessly whip the mouse over to the previous or next desktop is the usability feature that nobody seems to comprehend. The brightside-properties package does this pretty well in Gnome2 and Mate, but I really wish it was native to the desktop environment. Adjustable edge resistance would be a good start.

remoulder 6 years ago