synaptic ppa: correct distribution name

  6 years ago

Adding a ppa in mint13 (for example) with "sudo add-apt-repository" correctly configures it with "precise" ubuntu distribution name. However, if we had a ppa with the synaptic user interface, it adds "maya" instead of "precise" and the user has to edit the added ppa as a second step. This should be automatic. Said otherwise, adding a ppa in a mint distribution (except lmde of course) should be as easier as on ubuntu (in synaptic).
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jupiter66 4 years ago

It seems ok now...

jupiter66 6 years ago

Bug #1019596 has been filled. But I don't think it's a bug specific to Maya (I think previous editions were affected). Of course, if it is already planed by the mint team to have this feature in future releases, it is ok. If not, may I suggest to always implement it.

remoulder 6 years ago

This is not an idea, please report bugs at