Add A Feature To Display Critical & Low Battery Notifications With Sounds In Linux Mint Maya (Cinnamon) x64

  7 years ago
  Under dev. review

I'm using Linux Mint Maya (Cinnamon) x64. There must be an interactive feature/service to alert for critical and low power.i.e. There must be displayed automatic pop-up notifications with sounds when the battery reaches low and critical power levels. It will certainly be safer and also convenient and interactive to do so. Else the system might shut due to power failure causing data loss and inconvenience because one isn't sometimes aware of battery power while he is stuck in an important work. I became the victom of data loss and inconvenience due to lack of the feature described above. Please consider to deliver this feature as soon as possible. And do consider to make an update for existing users to get benifited rather than making this feature available in next versions of Linux Mint. I dont know if this feature is available on other versions of Linux Mint but I want it in mine please.

No offence given :)
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osyed 3 years ago

I'm trying to ween myself off of Windows and running Linux Mint now. I've made several attempts at this over the past decade now and each time something or other would annoy me enough to go back to Windows again. I was hoping I could stay with Linux this time, but it seems there are still way too many little problems. For example my battery just died on me and I lost all my windows; fortunately I wasn't editing anything so no work was lost. I can't believe there was no warning about my battery level. A quick ddg for "linux mint battery warning" lead me to this page. Wow, this was proposed 4 years ago and hasn't been implemented yet. Status is "under dev review"; give me a break; is Linux getting to be slower than Microsoft now. It took me all of 10 minutes to write a little script that checks the battery level and opens a warning window. If no-brainers like this don't get implemented right away, Linux is never going to go mainstream. I still have to deal with my Wifi being too slow under Linux compared to Windows and my sound not working after a suspend. If I can't get those solved, I might regretfully have to go back to Windows.

spiffyk 3 years ago

I'm using Mint 18 and this is still quite an important concern. The biggest problem is the abrupt shutdown that causes loss of any unsaved data. Maybe also having an option to Suspend instead of Shut Down when the battery goes low would come in handy.

FransEZ-man 6 years ago

Good idea

mysoomro 7 years ago

Good and very important idea.

When found the same probelem when I was using mint Nadia on my laptop. When I was working it didn't give me any notification about low battery.

And with notification some other features must be added in the battery info icon too. That is the percentage + Time remaining in batter to go off.

Of course promoting. :)

Mr_Windmill 7 years ago

Such a notification must not only be audible, but the visual pop-up must appear on top of fullscreen applications (such as VLC or Movie player).

mmahadashraf 7 years ago

There is one more problem that the battery should reserve some charge in it. If it goes to 0% and turns off then it greatly reduces battery timing. Dont try it :). I faced it two times.

Hammer459 7 years ago

Critical powerlevel MUST be very "in your face" to avoid data loss.


ElHaj 7 years ago

faced the same problem recently, I was playing 0AD and haven't noticed that electricity went down, luckily no important data was lost :)
#I was going to propose the same idea :)
promoting for 32bit also