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  7 years ago
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OK go easy on me guys,this is my first post. I am a Linux Newbie only two years experience but I have a unique perspective coming from many years as a Windows Guru. I have a MCSA and bunches of other certs. I have learned Linux over the last two years and don't want to see it turned into anything like Windows but do want to contribute to make it easier for windows users to make the linux switch so I will post ideas that hopefully just make Linux easier for newbies to deal with.

Here is my first idea. Somehow I always end up adding PPA,s to my Update manager only to find out later when hitting refresh in Update manager it gives me errors saying could not refresh the list of packages. Then I have to either copy and paste the ones that error-ed to something or try to remember them so I can manually delete them from my sources. My idea would be after it errors a simple pop up box listing the ones that error-ed that allows the user to check mark them and click a button to remove them. That would be so quick then you could hit refresh and see that all the errors are gone.
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FinixFighter 1 year ago

Promoting. I also think that if a resource doesn't respond then the system skip it and download updates only from the available mirrors (but giving a warning about what is not available)

ElHaj 7 years ago

And a warning when deleting a default ppa would be useful.

colbycurtis 7 years ago

I feel that small things like this would just give the OS a polished look and feel. Sometimes the small things make all the difference in a persons opinion of an OS. It doesn't have to be implemented exactly how I thought of it but an option to disable or remove them automatically sure would polish it up IMHO. Thanks for the comments by the way.

P.S. Is it bad form to vote on your own idea? :)

AshBaby 7 years ago

Excellent thought.. I am sure everyone faces this issue.. Thanks for bringing it up.. +1:)

Hammer459 7 years ago

Good idea


quake0 7 years ago

This is a great idea. As a new user seeing these errors makes me think linux does not work, or has bugs.