Nemo should support nautilus extentions.

  7 years ago

I really like Nemo but sometimes I have to use Nautilus instead, simply because it hasn't imported the extensions, for example the duplicity backup "revert to previous version..." option on right click, or the ubuntu one options. It should be compatible with nautilus and automatically import such extensions.
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kaefert 7 years ago

I've found this:

but no ready package nowhere.. Seems I have to git clone, build and install manually.. (Promoted this idea, since I hope that there will be some solution to install just by apt-get install in the future)

Aleksandar 7 years ago

Promote - because RabbitVCS is not working with Nemo and would like to use same software that is working with Nautilus.

cdustybk 7 years ago

There are some extensions that were installed by default in Mint Maya that do not work in Nadia because Nemo is the default. While I know that many extensions will be different, the ones installed by default in 13 should be refreshed for Nemo and Mint 14.
For example, sushi!

Hammer459 7 years ago

Hey @timpster please stop spamming the ideas section with messages about "f.lux", a Windows program that does not work properly in Linux and besides the idea is already rejected

glebihan 7 years ago

In the future, nemo and nautilus will go different ways and tend to me more and more different.
For that reason, it will be impossible to keep compatibility of nautilus extensions with nemo.

Hammer459 7 years ago

It would be nice if it was possible to import Nautilus extensions. Doing it automagically? Not so good. Importing extensions should always be an active choice by the user.

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