Compiling is such a pain!

  11 years ago

Compiling is such a pain. I'm not a hardcore command line kind of guy, and neither are my wife and two young children. When we want something native to linux it usually involves one of two things. Command line compiling, or a .deb file. Why can't the mint team produce a "Converter" to create such a solution. I know it's not as simple as an EXE file from windows, but seriously is it that hard for someone of superior linux knowledge to convert tarballz into a .deb?
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blueXrider 10 years ago


It is a pain, agreed

Alexio 11 years ago

With the tar.gz (if it is a source pacakge) you can configure and make, and then use checkinstall - - to create a .deb package.

Alexio 11 years ago

This only works for binary tarballs, of course. If you have source, compile it and tar it up first.

Alexio 11 years ago

Try the Package Converter - - that is the GUI for alien. With this application you will be able to convert between deb , rpm ,tgz , lsb, slp, pkg , with all alien options supported.