Browsing new ideas

  11 years ago

This is a kind of a shortcoming of the system that should be fixed anytime soon. I just posted an idea and I found out there's no way for people to notice it unless they browse the whole lot OR they are specifically looking for something similar or exactly it.

The ideas page should have different views, that would allow users to navigate by clicking certain criteria:

- score (maybe with subcategories: all/positive/null/negative)
- votes
- comments
- age (since posted)

Right now I miss browsing new ideas. That should be the top priority regarding idea navigation.
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kazztan0325 10 years ago

I hope the function which we would be able to sort or search ideas by date/age (created and edited) would be implemented as soon as possible.

zaenal1234 10 years ago

I totally agree, this is a very good idea.

DJCrashdummy 10 years ago

sorting or searching ideas by date/age (created and edited) isn't implemented yet!!!