Integrate GParted in Nemo. Right click option for removable devices.

  10 years ago

Right clicking on a removable USB drive (External drive or USB pen drive) should give you the option to format it.
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anandrkris 9 years ago

I think this is implemented now with Mint 16. (new Mintstick)

lleiria 10 years ago

i just noticed that this function, which existed on Nautilus, does not exist on Nemo... I need it!

michelsaey 10 years ago

Very good idea!

Hammer459 10 years ago

That is something I ahve been looking for too


LexMK 10 years ago

Something with an even smaller UI and able to perform only basic operations like just format, mount-unmount and fs check would be even better.

SMN4 10 years ago

I fully agree for the right click option that is really missing. But I find Gnome-Disk-Utility more convenient that Gparted, especially for simple USB management. Moreover, it might be more easily integrated in Nemo ?
Promoting this idea.