Cinnamon should self-restore if it crashes because of an applet/extension

  10 years ago

When you install a new applet or a new extension, sometimes Cinnamon crashes after you restart it to make the changes effective. This can also happen if you update Cinnamon, breaking an existing one.

There is no simple way for a newbie to solve this, except logging in with another DE and remove that applet/extension from Cinnamon settings.

Cinnamon should be able to self-fix for these simple problems, identifying which applet/extension caused it, removing it and, possibly, warn the user on what caused the crash (Or if this is too complex to make, just restoring itself to default configuration after a crash).

Knowing how efficient the Mint team is, this is probably already in the works. If it's not, well, I hope it will be.

Thanks for reading.
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