Bring back LMDE Xfce, or at least replace it with something as light.

  10 years ago

This is about the Xfce edition of LMDE being dropped in Up6.

First of all, let me clarify that I perfectly know the reasons behind dropping of this version, that there will be an unofficial one and that most replies will be something along the lines of "Mint has not enough staff to keep all those editions etc.etc." and probably will be rejected, but I want to know what you all think about this, so let's consider this idea more like a poll.

I think a really lightweight edition of LMDE is needed. Having it would appeal to a wider userbase, since the Xfce edition is currently the only one with a Live DVD that works with 256Mb of Ram. Mint's DVD doesn't have the option of starting an installer-only (Without having to load a full DE and then start the installer inside of it, like Debian Netinst. does.) mode or to automatically activate existing swap booting the live session, so the only option for someone with an old computer, in which 256Mb of Ram is quite a common number, is to use something else. Mate ed. could load on that low, if modified to be 20-30Mb Ram lighter. Don't know if it's possible, but would be enough to replace the Xfce edition for many.
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raneern99 10 years ago

I definitely agree that something (more) official would be ideal.

As for the repos, it will use the standard LMDE repos with the possible exception of Siduction's Xfce 4.10 repo (I don't think it has been decided whether to use this repo or not).

LexMK 10 years ago

@raneern99 I know there's that, but still it would be better if it had some degree of official support.

Also, just a question: it uses the same repos of the official Mint of other ones? This is one of my biggest concerns regarding this idea.

raneern99 10 years ago

LMDE Xfce was never particularly light (it used Gnome-ish apps, similar to MATE). I'm still going to promote the unofficial LMDE Xfce, which is going to be a much lighter and much more "pure" Xfce. I think it would be nice for Mint to have one official light edition. It could run Xfce (my personal choice), LXDE, E17 (my second choice), OpenBox, FluxBox, whatever, but I agree that something is needed that can run on less than 512 MB of RAM (which the Ubuntu-based Xfce can't easily do). I'm still going to recommend the Unofficial LMDE Xfce.

LexMK 10 years ago

There's the chance that this could even be considered, who knows? I said that because I think that this is quite unlikely.

remoulder 10 years ago

This is an area for ideas not personal opinions (or polls). Please use the forums instead.