Bluetooth application should not be visible/installed if there is no hardware support

  9 years ago

My desktop PC doens't have Bluetooth and the presence of this application has no utility.
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TheCorax 9 years ago

there is an saying “if it ain't broke, don't fix it.” why to change something that in future you may need it to work? ;)

remoulder 9 years ago

Changing the bluetooth stack would probably be outside the remit of the linuxmint team.

flaviu 9 years ago

@Aleksandar On my newly installed Nadia version on a desktop PC, Bluetooth application appears in Menu and in System Settings. The proposal doesn't eliminate a possible behavior like the Bluetooth application should be visible/installed once a Bluetooth hardware is detected. More generally IMHO the operating system, including UI, should be reactive to the environment changes (like detecting a new hardware). In this case the configuration tool would be necessary as soon as the target hardware was detected.

Aleksandar 9 years ago

There are simple USB Bluetooth sticks nowadays, so I guess that is why is present even if you don't have hardware. I think the idea is once you plug it in one could use it right away. And is not visible by default, at least I haven't seen it.