Notification to all who voted and/or commented on ideas and tutorials when the idea is edited

  10 years ago


Sometimes, an idea is written and receives negative votes because it is not phrased correctly and misunderstood or because is not factual.

Sometimes users might write an idea, or more importantly a tutorial and realises he/she requires to change it.

The community websites current notification systems notifies the creators of ideas and tutorials but NOT the voters or commentors.

Please have a system where voters and commenters are notified when any idea/tutorial they voted and/or commented on is edited as -

1 - This will enable them to review and change the vote/comment if required
2 - Will prevent explanations and arguments happening in the comments section between the commentors and the idea/tutorial creators which largely does not benefit the community as the votes have been cast already
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sunewbie 10 years ago

+1 remoulder

I get all notifications to the ideas and tutorials that I comment.

I do not get a notification when someone votes but does not comment. I do not find any need to get notifications get one only votes.

I always subscribe to all ideas I comment even if I demote it. There is always scope of discussion. Sometimes idea is modified or you change your mind and change your vote too.

AshBaby 10 years ago

I am suggesting you subscribe by default and have an unsubscribe button. Because, i may not be an expert on people behavior, but if someone has dismissed an idea and demoted it, i doubt that person is going to subscribe to it and will definitely miss any changes.

remoulder 10 years ago

There is already a subscribe button that does this, what are you suggesting that is different?