Fully automate LMDE's updater

  10 years ago

During LMDE's system upgrade, mintupdate asks you various times to confirm the update of some components, and then to decide where the newer version of grub would be installed. My suggestion is to automate this process to help the entry user that wouldn't know what to do and could mistake them for errors, quit the installer and break the system and the expert user that already knows what the updater is going to do and just wants a click-and-forget update to spare him from sitting one hour (Or more) in front of his computer. Especially for the first one, having the computer automatically select a default answer would be of great benefit.

The solution I'm proposing is having the installer automatically choose after 10 seconds if no input is given. The default answer should be to update everything to the newer version and to install Grub in the same place it was installed before.