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  10 years ago

Static Desktop Wallpapers get boring after a while, eventually you can't find anything to inspire you to help dress up your amazing mint install. I can't believe that someone hasn't implemented Adobe Flash Animated Wallpapers before.

Flash is vector based generally and that means that the wallpapers wouldn't take much resources, plus because Flash is also interactive you could switch off the paper if you were running heavy tasks if necessary.

Wouldn't you just love a 3D vector animated starfield behind all your windows? or a scalable digital desktop clock, or even a colour cycling plasma fractal... way cooler than a static background any day!

I realise it's not a complete new idea as many mobile phones make use of Flash for animated wallpaper, and many screen savers use Flash - but it seems to be missing in OS desktops.

There's just so many great things that could be created by everyone!

If only I was a coder... sniff.
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governmint 1 year ago

I think Linux Mint should have the option of animated wallpapers. If Flash is buggy, make it something else; animated gifs, short HD footage in MP4, or whatever. This request dates from 8 years ago, and 8 years ago the computers where not as powerful as the new ones are today. While using the computer resources at the right place is good thinking, a certain level of cuteness is always appealing. I don't see why it would drive people away from Linux. Come on! Geeks are known to be the ones that 'Wow' their friends with leading edge gadgets that you can't get nowhere else.

RayWoods 8 years ago

If there is a way to lower productivity on the desktop, this would be it! (Next we will be having that guy on his desert island back as a screen saver.)

Sorry: New > Rejected

SeventhReign 8 years ago

I'm fairly certain there is a reason desktops dont use flash animated wallpapers. Flash in Linux = Glitchy and Resource Intensive.

blueXrider 8 years ago

I can say I wouldn't use it but someone else would.
If its available it would be a program application and not something that the Mint team would develop.


hazmint33 9 years ago

Very great idea!

intergallactic 9 years ago

Great idea indeed!! :))

mikefreeman 10 years ago

I wouldn't say this idea is useless. Some people aren't just about making their computers function, but also looking like a piece of art when not actively using them. And that's ok. For most people, Compiz serves no purpose but look cool, but lots of people use it anyway. It would be the same with this. That said I personally wouldn't use Flash. It's got its uses, but it's not efficient enough for this task and would eat up too many resources for relatively poor results in a full-screen environment. I might prefer the use of screensaver-like files, XML files, maybe video loops (for fast machines), etc. But maybe including Flash file functionality might be ok, too. I don't know. The Shantz XWinwrap idea looks like the best solution so far, although it's far from perfect still.

vipek 10 years ago

-1 I think it's useless. What are you doing on your computer? Do you sit there and stare at your wallpaper? No! You are working, searching web etc., and not thinking about a wallpaper :)

waka_choko 10 years ago

Great Idea, windows will defiantly be implementing animated wallpapers. I hope mint will do this first.

Alexio 10 years ago

I found a script that can be used with Shantz XWinWrap from .

You can put your videos and screensavers as desktop background easily with only a single right click on the video or on the screensaver!

Just visit and scroll the page after the Spanish presentation for the English version and download this file: .

Tested with some videos and it works well with all my icons on the desktop.

Rizla 10 years ago

Ok, had a little time and I tried the link that Alexio offered "" - long url or what?

Anyhu it does work, I managed to get the glmatrix screen saver to appear in the background with the desktop icons intact. I also didn't notice much slow-down like I expected.

The display was a little dim, but maybe there are further settings I'm not aware of.

I was going to try the gnash for flash to embed a .swf as the wallpaper, but from what I read, gnash is a bit slow currently, but I could be wrong (on dialup, so bandwidth and time limited).

The tutorial also mentioned using VLC instead with its "Wallpaper Mode", but sadly this isn't an option in the linux version and only for windows directX. - shame.

Least I now know it's possible, we just need someone to write a GUI for mint ;)

Here's a screen-grab...
(it's omploader, so not sure how long it'll stay up - get it while it's hot!)

Rizla 10 years ago

Thanks for that link Alexio - I found a similar link after posting this. I've not had time to try it yet, but some of the tuts I found said that you can't have nautilus using the desktop once implemented, i.e. no icons on the desktop.

Shame that Flash apparently uses a lot of resources, thinking it'd vector over bitmap it's surprising - but then Flash support on linux has always been a little crazy.

I'll have to have a look though, cheers!

Alexio 10 years ago

I found a ¨minihowto howto set / put an animated background wallpaper with a video, mpg, avi, gif, flash, etc using xwinwrap mplayer and gnash¨ at .

Rizla 10 years ago

Duno why some people just can't hack the idea, I've suggested this b4 and some really love the idea, where as a minority of others (maybe old skool) just can't hack it - shame.

Course I didn't just suggest busy over the top animated backgrounds, they could also be functional too, a bit like conky. There's just so many things that could be done with Flash, it'd be a shame - and I don't see that it would "drive users away" as remoulder suggested - I didn't say it would be the default way of adding wallpaper, nor that it had to be animated all the time. that would have been down to the user - Choice ;)

remoulder 10 years ago

"Wouldn't you just love a 3D vector animated starfield behind all your windows" - Actually NO - this is a surefire way to drive many users away IMO.