GTK and Metacity theme editor for mint

  10 years ago

I dabble with themes a little, but I find it very frustrating that there isn't a noob GUI to create your own themes. Most editing is done plainly with just scripting and this is hard for everyone with little knowledge of coding.

Artist don't usually make good code anyhow ;)

There is "Metacity Themer", but this really doesn't give you much scope to design, it's mearly a viewer, plus isn't the easiest tool to use for everyone.

I think it would also boost the amount of themes currently available too, as most of the themes available are just re-hashes, or tweaks of already available themes.

So to add a little detail...

(Using an external editor such as Gimp for the gfx)

A layout editor to edit and display a example of each section maybe with tabs:

Window Controls
Window Borders
Window Colours
Panel Background
Navigation and other window controls
and maybe a simple way to create your own pointer/cursors - and there hot-spots.
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RayWoods 8 years ago

First of all this may be too deep into the system for the Linux Mint Developers and, as we are into Gnome 3, is it relevant?

New > Rejected

blueXrider 8 years ago

lots of options

thx1138 10 years ago

I'm with you. Having a nice default GUI instead of searching for apps or doing some workarounds is a good idea.

Rizla 10 years ago

I've checked out the "Widget Laboratory", but it's still only a viewer and you have to hard-code (if that's the phrase) the metacity .xml scripts and layout the gtk windows gfx to produce the design.

What I'm talking about is a viewer, that also allows you to "layout" you theme, either with a wizard, or better still a devided window with tabs where you can drop n drop (or load) your graphics and place them in the relivent areas, such as title bar, scrollbar and additionally test out buttons etc.

I use "Gnome Color Chooser" myself, but it only changes some colours of a theme (if the theme lets it) and isn't for changing graphics sadly.

Alexio 10 years ago

The GNOME Color Chooser seems to do almost everything you want:

Alexio 10 years ago

¨The Widget Laboratory is a desktop application for previewing gtk and metacity themes. It updates the preview whenever the theme files change, so it can be used to make editing gtk themes faster and easier.¨ -