LIKE Button For Comments Posted By Different Users

  9 years ago

Rather than writing a comment which is quite similar to a particular existing comment, its better to support that existing comment.

Many users are not in habit of posting comments. They simply either demote or promote a particular idea or tutorial which may discourage a particular reader(mostly when it gets demoted).

By providing an option like such will atleast make readers to click on "like" button of a particular comment depending upon their level of satisfaction or the avilability of comments to which they agree with.

On the other hand the authors can draw a clear picture of readers opinion about their idea or tutorial.

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fabietto0102 9 years ago

promoting: I like how opinions or comments are handled in sites like, where the highest regarded answer/comment is on top.
Forums are nice but it's not the best way to find an answer to a question or what the community as a whole thinks about any given topics.

sujitnag 9 years ago


all type of investment must have some returns may be in form of unlike.
It help to understand the thought of the community.

michelsaey 9 years ago

When someone else comment and I agree with that comment, why do I have to put that same comment twice?

It's more useful to vote for the comments instead of give the same comment twice.

telcnas 9 years ago

@chassum : I truly like your suggestion, its quite more sensible, hence I changed the content and title of my idea accordingly.

@chassum & @timpster : thanks for your opinion...

chassum 9 years ago

Maybe just a 'like' button. I'm not sure I could handle the rejection of an 'unlike' button.