Format external hard drive or USB-stick in Nemo/Dolphin/Nautilus/Caja

  8 years ago

To make Linux more user friendly, Linux Mint can add a way to format an external hard drive or USB stick from the file manager like Nemo, Nautilus and Dolphin. I know that Nautilus is from Gnome and Dolphin from KDE so these are fore the Gnome & KDE developers but Nemo is from Linux Mint.

So there is an opportunity,

Why not create that in Nemo, when you right click on the device in your file manager, there is a menu and from that menu the option 'format' will be present.

This will make Linux Mint more user friendly, certainly for newcommers to Linux Mint.
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telcnas 8 years ago

Well, i am using Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon which comes with nautilus as a default file manager and its there.....and its a nice feature which must be considered for nemo as well as per your suggestion.
But as I prefer nautilus so its development in nemo doesn't matters to me much.
So I'm going with Don't Care.

michelsaey 8 years ago

I search for ideas but it's easy to miss some ;)

@telcnas When I was using Gnome it wasn't there yet. That was about 2 years ago since I switched to KDE when Gnome went to version 3. Then I tried mate and cinnamon but since a year now I stick to KDE.

But it is a must have for distro's (like Linux Mint) that aims on the users who just want their computer work.

telcnas 8 years ago

don't know about nemo but it's there in nautilus(3.4.2)......

Hammer459 8 years ago

It is a must and already planned. Feel free to search ideas before posting :-)

quake0 8 years ago

This is a must have idea!

dagon 8 years ago

Check out idea 3580