Introducing an Option of Editing & Creating New Keyboard Layouts

  10 years ago
  Under dev. review

So far in Keyboard Layout Section(which actually belongs to gnome-control-center or say gnome) one can select between different formats, language & layouts but there is no such option of editing a layout or adding a completely new one(one what user has created).

Thats why I feel, there may be an app(or an option under Cinnamon Settings say Keyboard Layout Editor) for Editing and Creating New Keyboard Layouts using which one can assign whatever function they want, to a particular key & more freedom must be given for opting a key(or a key combination) to act as a modifier key.

I know that, this can be done using xkb...sorts of command & editing or adding files under subdirectories of /usr/share/X11/xkb/ but still it is quite lengthy and messier operation. Believe me, I did.

This will be welcomed by users trying to emulate frogpad, half-qwerty and other such layouts available.

This idea is also been suggested and promoted here:

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shimself 7 years ago

You're not kidding. swapping between win7 (uk international keyboard, which I find excellent) and here I'm breaking my fingers. It's nearly as bad as using an azerty.
If you give me a workable tool to make a clone of the superior windows version (do I get expelled now?), I will do it and make it available I promise

Dirkoir 8 years ago

It's really sad that most programmers (and, in fact, most unilingual people) don't understand how much dead keys and compose keys break one's flow of thought. I tried to use the System Setting's key bindings to get stuff like alt-a --> ä, but no go. Those key bindings only bind keystrokes to commands. *sigh*

riowings 10 years ago

My UK keyboard mapped as UK with dead keys works fine to generate portuguese charaters... except ć which should be ç ... to get around e have configured 2 distinct layouts when a simple key change in that mapping would work best. Believe there more people in similar situations.

telcnas 10 years ago

@jurzyjo thanks...

jurzyjo 10 years ago

I absolutely agree with this good idea