Few more status required on this website.

  10 years ago

1. Status : Duplicate

This status must be given to the ideas which seems to be a duplicate of existing idea. In this a link to the original idea may be generated in the comment section of the duplicate one.
I have seen comments saying "Its a duplicate one". Rather than writing a complete comment its better just to display its status as duplicate and referring it to the original one.

2. Status : Deleted

This status must be given to the tutorials which is been copied from some other source as it is and say the user has not given any credit to the original post by referring to it(or mentioning its link).
The contents of the tutorials must be replaced by a warning message.
This is in reference to comment made by @remoulder in the comment section of This Idea.
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telcnas 10 years ago

may be my idea was not clear.....sorry, my fault....

telcnas 10 years ago

@sunewbie ...thank for your opinion..
as i mentioned above status "deleted" is meant for tutorials only...&...although they deleted the post i reffered, but what i was suggesting is to replace the tutorial section with a suitable warning and a link to the original post...

sunewbie 10 years ago


sunewbie 10 years ago

'duplicate' status is fine, as it will help mods, but deleted ideas no longer exists. So I find no need to have a status 'Deleted'