Change name of status Considered

  8 years ago

An idea that is rejected gets the status "Considered". To many non native English speakers this is ambiguous and may imply that the idea is still open. Changing the name to "Rejected" is more straightforward. Let's call it what it is. Sure it is considered, as are the ideas that are implemented or under development, but it is in fact rejected.
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FinixFighter 3 years ago

I completely agree!

AjvarXX 5 years ago

"Considered" meaning rejected looks exactly like "We will call you back" when you didn't pass. Why not to straightly tell so?

jasiralavi 5 years ago

I agree the term needs to be reconsidered :)
But may be not 'rejected' because a part of the idea may have been considered or sometimes it's part of something that's being implemented. It would then be wrong to say implemented. How about 'Was Considered'?

vincav91 6 years ago

This idea should be "considered" and "implemented". =)

MagicMint 6 years ago

You’re right: “considered” sounds a bit unfinished to me…

Rebel450 6 years ago

ha, ha - its actually interesting to see what kind of a discussion you started here = lol

Ali_RNT 6 years ago

I agree with you there...

betatest3 7 years ago

We dont need this!

yejay 7 years ago

@Hammer459 I realise what "Considered" actually means now :)

FransEZ-man 7 years ago

Be Straight in your wording.

sujitnag 8 years ago

considered, implemented- very confusing word,
considered for what?
implemented- some people propose an idea after implemented or within development process.

status of some idea change within 1 hour.
in some case it takes more the a year.

sujitnag 8 years ago

I post a idea and it was "Considered" one month ago but to day some one vote and pass a commend. this is call time wasting.

I am sorry if i am rude for some one. I didn't mean to Mr. @Hammer459.
My view is clear say directly, reduce confusion. We all are mature enough to accept the truth.

my all idea (except recent one) were rejected but still I submit My idea. because it is a good platform for a developer to communicate with very good and knowledgeable friends.

AshBaby 8 years ago

hey, i dint know that.. thats not transparent.. +1

telcnas 8 years ago

@Hammer459 my mistake, thanks.....

Hammer459 8 years ago

@telcnas that was my fault, in the idea I suggested that "Considered" is too ambiguous to a non native English speaker. @heiowge pointed out that it is ambiguous to him too as a native English speaker.
So let's just say that "Considered" is not clear enough. There are ideas that are getting lots of votes long after they are rejected, probably because "Considered" does not make it clear that they are rejected.

telcnas 8 years ago

hmmm.., @sujitnag @heiowge & @Hammer459 ...ok I think I must reconsider my comment and be clear.....I'm promoting this idea now......

& @sujitnag.....I'm not being politician...I was just confused a little bit.... :-) :-) :-)

heiowge 8 years ago

I'm a native English speaker and I thought considered meant it was being considered...

sujitnag 8 years ago

rejection include many factor development scope, time frame and many practical thing. I don't think my idea was worst so rejected, I will think
other way. So, say directly that help me to understand correct way. Don't use word like politician.

telcnas 8 years ago

Ok two things.....
First is, the very first idea I posted over here got rejected or you may say Considered....but because of this ambiguity somehow its motivated me to go for the next one.... :-) :-) :-) I know its kind of funny.....

Secondly there is an alternative solution to this ambiguity...sugested by @Shin and is in "under development" phase.

and I already said I'm neutral over here...... :-)

Hammer459 8 years ago

Case in point...
Today 2 ideas /w many demote votes got another 5 demote after the status was set to "Considered". In my view indication that the voters suspected that the idea was still on the table.