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Created 5 years ago, edited 5 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

Under dev. review
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I suggest that we add a "Reset To Defaults" option to Linux Mint login Window. In case things get messed up, Mint users should always be able to reset their desktop to default settings and to reconfigure it again without the need to reinstall it. This would be very useful for Cinnamon desktop as many users report that it sometimes fails to load if you mess with its settings.


4 years ago

Thanks ...  
5 years ago

great idea promoting ...  
5 years ago

Status > Under dev. review....
Just one word AWESOME!!! :) :)
5 years ago

Now, I promoting it.................

I request every one when they change their edit they should inform other.

It is a good option, It give a big option to the student and those want to study it ( change fearlessly)

5 years ago

good one.. for novices like me  
5 years ago

If you can break it then you can usually fix it without a fancy gui.  
5 years ago

Actually I find too many users keep on reporting aginst unstablity of their desktop environment...& most of the time the solution they find is to make a complete re-intallation.
Now its not the problem with Cinnamon itself, its actually a very genaral issue faced by every single desktop environment out there....Things does get messed up sometimes when people try making changes to their video settings(or some other sorts of ops they perform).
Even I faced such issues before while making changes as per the xinerama requirements and nvidia settings....
I mentioned in my previous comment about "option of Restore all setting to default in Cinnamon" but that too can be used when one can get inside it....
As Linux Mint is meant to target mostly the section of people who belongs to non-technical bg....I do think there must be a way to get back to our normal destop envirment in every possible condition(which can be accomplised by making use of ttys but it does need patience, too much of info & r&d).....because in Linux the structure is too much flexible when compared to Windows(where things are directly attached with core components like kernel).

Hence I think its quite possible...all we need is its implementation on GUI level....

5 years ago

I agree with @telcnas please elaborate  
5 years ago

I agree with @telcnas please elaborate  
5 years ago

Sorry , its a bit unclear to me....are you talking about login window (i.e. mdm) or the desktop itself.....& there does exist an option of "Restore all setting to default" when it comes to cinnamon panel and menu(or desktop)....
Could you please elaborate it.......
I heard that people deleted their config files(residing in the home directory) accidently due to which cinnamon cease to exist......In such case one may create another user account(using tty) or try logging via another desktop bring everything back to normal..........

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