Search the Internet with mint-menu

  10 years ago

Was thinkin it would be handy if you could type an URL, or a search term into the mint menu entry field and have it launch Firefox etc and your respective default search engine.

Maybe to make it more obvious, have a world icon for the net search option next to the search box.

It's not a complete new idea, but it'd shave a few secs of launching your browser and typing in that instead.
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oscar799 8 years ago

Time has passed and this feature is now included - I am marking this as "Implemented"

asymmetros 9 years ago

Now you can do it from the new Mint Menu. My problem is that it gives you two options, wikipedia and google, not your default search engine

BostonPeng 9 years ago

I forgot that Uboontu is still available, although without the cosmetic benefits it used to have. It can be accessed at

BostonPeng 9 years ago

I would love to see something like this, although not necessarily via the Mint Menu (which I can't really use on Mint KDE). As an Ubuntu user I frequently use CrunchBang's Ubuntu Search Engine tool ( and the now dead Ubooontu search and I'd love to use a tool that used specifically Mint resources, as well as Ubuntu sources.

kneekoo 10 years ago

This is interesting idea and it would be useful for people heavily using the internet. It's just that the browser would have to start anyway so the bottom line is about the same.

Now thinking about the downside of this feature, considering searching the internet is not what we're doing all day long, adding the new thing in the menu could waste some resources - I have no idea how many but it would depend on the implementation anyway.

However, I am promoting this idea because IF it can be done with a minimum impact on the resources, it might be easier for newbies.