LTS on the Downloads page on the site

  7 years ago

There should be a big link to images for the latest LTS edition of the Linux Mint.
Right now, only the last version is visible.
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aegeas 7 years ago

Simple and great idea. Promoting !!!!!

psyckers 7 years ago

Great idea, and promote it as great for business startups etc.

michelsaey 7 years ago

Good idea. I gues it was overlooked ;)

telcnas 7 years ago

Awesome idea & very true.....
Actually under download section on the website, so far there are two references made, one to Linux Mint 14 & other goes to Linux Mint Debian.....
I must say Linux Mint 13 Deserves its own tab under download section....and an informative intro showing differences between both Regular & LTS version.


sunewbie 7 years ago


Good idea. Promoting ...

sujitnag 7 years ago

I agree with u. for new user they may not have information about it. 1st time
as I am windows use I have no idea about it.

Hammer459 7 years ago

Good thinking