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  9 years ago

So far there exist following four filters:

1. Ideas I didn't vote
2. Ideas I'm promoting
3. Ideas I'm demoting
4. Ideas I don't care about

But there does exist one more case i.e. "Ideas I commented on"

Actually yesterday I was trying to figure out every single idea I commented on....but then I find there is no such way to do so.

1. Ideas I didn't vote BUT COMMENTED => possible case

For e.g. Sometimes we find the context of the idea inappropriate or irrelevant and to notify that to the user we simply post a commment without making any vote.

2. Ideas I'm promoting & COMMENTED => possible case
3. Ideas I'm demoting & COMMENTED => possible case
4. Ideas I don't care about BUT COMMENTED => possible case

Hence say if I would like to list all the ideas I commented on(doesn't matter either it comes under promote,demote,don't care or no vote category).....then there is no such feasible way to do so :(

Same goes with the tutorials
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sunewbie 9 years ago

my pleasure :)

telcnas 9 years ago

@sunewbie thanks for providing the links....

sunewbie 9 years ago

one I can recollect is

related ideas


sunewbie 9 years ago

there were similar discussion regarding that if one comments or votes, you are automatically subscribed. many users wanted this idea.

sujitnag 9 years ago

only need a sub filter with two item comment, not comment.
it realy sloooooooooow down the query.

Hammer459 9 years ago

Nice thought, but the site is slooooow as it is without bogging it down with what I suspect will be pretty nasty SQL-searches...

sujitnag 9 years ago

i simple promote ur idea

sujitnag 9 years ago

ur idea is very good. question only how to implement it. I notice that each idea is a unique No. and each account has a unique key, when i vote for an idea it reflected on my idea page that means in my account there is a field which store idea no which for i voted. in such a way if there is a another field that store idea no which for i commend then it can be implemented.