Improvements to Friends Feature

  11 years ago

Just really quick:

1) Would there be a way to add some kind of "re-friending" feature to the Community site? Sometimes I have difficulty tracking who has added me since there is no indication aside from an email I have received. Could there be a way that people who have added me appear in some category of friends who have added me, but those whom I have not added? And, then potentially give the option to friend directly from there?

As an expansion, would it be fair to think that notifications for my user profile will tell me this information upon logging in? Ex: "User has added you as a friend."

2) Would it be possible to alias the user ID in the URL to the user name? This would help some in identifying users / linking.

3) Searching for users under Community tab -> Users is case sensitive. A search for "Clem" returns no results, but searching for "clem" returns what is expected. Seems like this might be better off being case insensitive to prevent confusion and easier search.

Please note I'm not trying to recreate Facebook or Twitter features into the Community site, but wondering if there is a way to expand the usability of the already existing features.

Thanks for reading.
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oscar799 11 years ago

Much better.Easier to keep track now

clem 11 years ago

@justin: fixed.

justin 11 years ago

@clem - looks wonderful! Nice implementation! Friends on the profile page seem to extend beyond the box div though... :o)

clem 11 years ago

- Search for user is case-insensitive
- Friends features was changed to show friends (i.e. mutual friends), people I like (who I added as friends but who didn't do the same), people who like me (opposite scenario).
- On profile page, only mutual friends appear.

clem 11 years ago

Maybe the term "friends" isn't correct, since the primary function of it is to have "contacts".

justin 11 years ago

@kneekoo I agree with you to a degree, I suppose it is on what side of the fence you fall on. Facebook the friendships are mutual, and in Twitter they are not, as you can follow someone without them following you in return. Personally I have no real grievance with either, although I must admit it would probably be more convenient if a friendship was a two-way link. There is no need of an intermediate step of "acceptance" a la Facebook as there are no information restrictions.

kneekoo 11 years ago

I agree with Justin's suggestions. In addition to that, here are a few thoughts. Friendships are mutual by definition. Whenever people want to deny or break a friendship, that should reflect on both the users' profiles. If a user didn't accept the other, he shouldn't be listed there. If a user wants to break the friendship, that user should "disappear" from the other profile.

clem 11 years ago

Good points. Will be done.

kevr 11 years ago

I agree with all of it.