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  10 years ago

Well so far many people around are contributing by sharing info in the form of articles or tutorials. Well that's good but again I would like to bring this whole thing to a complete new level by suggesting for another option under Tutorial Section.

Ok, now what I'm trying to suggest over here is a section where different community members can submit a particular topic on which they would like to have a tutorial. Once submmitted, each one of us may vote for that particular topic according to its relevance(or our own needs). On the basis of this score every user around will get the notion about tutorials people would like to have next.

Now I'm not saying that one cannot submit tutorials other than the topics kept in demand section, but this additional option will encourage each of us in a particular manner. It would be like a small classroom where we can have what we want and it will result in a bit higher level of social networking.

Now may be this is what the perception I'm having alone, but I find that this section of IDEAS receives more attention than that of TUTORIAL SECTION. People do write tutorials but they never find enough audience and appreciation as well.

But we cannot blame authors here for everything.

I think that this approach is relevant to encourage the contributions towards the community and surely this will increase the no. of audience here, motivating them further to come with much better, efficient and needed tutorials.


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AshBaby 10 years ago

Promoted - will enable someone who solved an issue without realising it is a common occurence and is unsolved for others to help them..

Also when the occurence is too high, it is better to have a tutorial than to browse forums and do a trial and error when a sure shot tutorial would work first time as it is validated

sunewbie 10 years ago

if you like to accumulate feeds check these ones

and it's web 2.0 version

enjoy ;)

telcnas 10 years ago

@sunewbie you may check your gmail inbox now :)

sunewbie 10 years ago

like you I too am very busy due to professional and personal commitment and hardly find any extra time to help others.

sunewbie 10 years ago

@telcnas Thank you for appreciation.

If you wish I will make you author. please PM / Email your email ID.

You can yourself add links at your time at your convenience. I do not see that adding links and creating Wiki's wiki ;) will cause any trouble to CSE.

I am an end user and do not know coding. You will be able to do something that I cannot and that too in a better way.

Alternatively you can also create your own website, so that you can have full control.

If you want to try it out, you can do so in LBSE wiki.

Also note that you can add links not only from Mint, but from anywhere that you find useful.

Please PM me for further communication as this is way off-topic.

telcnas 10 years ago

@sunewbie Whatever you just said is quite interesting and i totally agree with it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.....and I just went through your website, I really loved the section "News from Popular Linux Resources" and this whole concept of Wiki's Wiki. I would like to contribute and atleast I'll try to cut some time for submitting links to the very useful resources for your Wiki's wiki but again for now that's all I can do just because of my hectic schedule...and yes a very BIG thanks for these useful links as well...... :)

sunewbie 10 years ago

To sumarize:
Monitor forums regularly to find common questions and it's solutions. Give a link. If the thread is too long, create a summary. I created in both LBSE and Mint 13 XFCE thread
It makes easy for new comers. Also refer to the Lubuntu One Stop thread. The staff says it;'s difficult to look into 500 posts for a solution. Better is to create a wiki, which is easy to search, manage and maintain. Same answer is improved and updated, so it does not become outdated.

Post external links to useful resources.

The burden lies on members who would like to create it

sunewbie 10 years ago

@telcnas I appreciate your efforts, sincerity and practical thinking.

From my personal experiences, there are not even 1 % of total members registered that are active. End Users typically post in forums when they are stuck up. End users only read manual for troubleshooting. They will think that OS and DE can be self learned through point-n-click. There is no need to look into manual. They take it for granted that it should be this way. Most people, here in Mumbai, India, do not even click on microsoft help feature (inbuilt), but call their hardware vendor and website designer for trivial issues like ---> configuring Email client like Outlook express. They will even call if the mails are not downloading to outlook express / MS Outlook --> the reason is that net is down. What can a web designer do??

So, in general, end users who will have issues which can be easily solved will generally not be active. It's not culture in Windows. Forums area are for geeks is what they think. This thing is completely new and too much dynamic (remember we all used XP for a decade and we get new version every 6 months). Understanding Linux culture will take time.

Coming back, honestly, there are just a bunch of few members who regularly log in in community. I find that the first place to look (and ask) for a solution is forums. I think for this idea to materialize, the burden will lie on the people like us who wish to help rather than expecting people to join us and be active in community. Infact I joined community much later after joining forums. I just wanted to pay back, but did not have knowledge to help fellow new converts as I am not technical. So I thought that atleast I can vote in community. I soon began to just lure over ideas, still not daring to look into tutorials. I lured over forums. Read questions and read answers. I tried what is being told by active knowledgeable members. This is how I learned to answer atleast simple questions. It took time.

So I think that instead of expecting people to join and comment, I think we will have to hunt down commonly asked questions (FAQs) and then try to create a solution with screenshot.

I created Linux Beginner Search Engine to easily find solution, as the forum's inbuild search function sucks. Many times, it simply says - omitted common words' It's the same with Ubuntu's search. Only Bodhi Linux, which uses IP Board gives good search results.

What can be done is that Just Linux my LBSE website which is like a wiki, we can create a How-To or a FAQ.

There are many plans moving in my mind like, you create any How-to tutorial and give the name [FAQ] so that it can be easily spotted and searched. But thats just me.

I also wanted to create a Wiki's Wiki - Accumulating Scattered Gems (I got the slogan ready too - it's in public domain, just incase if anyone wants to use it ;)

It wiki's wiki or Wiki Index will be mostly external links. e.g. We can post a link - How to install software in Linux Mint (from Mint Forums) and post a link - Lubuntu One Stop Thread (from Ubuntu Forums). What this will so is that it will be a collection of links of very popular articles scattered like I gave a link to an article explaining cinnamon settings in another idea. So it;'s accumulating bit-n-tits, without re-inventing the wheel (why do we need to make our won tutorial when it already exist).

This will not be demanding. Even a small contribution like giving a link useful info will be helpful and appreciated. IT will take time to build a big database, but it can be done.

WE can create discussion group or a thread dedicated in forums where people can report any links that we can read and add it in our database. Later as we grow, we can arrange and document it well so that info can be easily found like creating categories, etc.

I hope this is practical, within reach of community and or devs and mods but the question is the response from public. If there is no response and no appreciation, then I am afraid, many active members will loose interest.

We even created an unofficial guidelines:

General Rules and Guidelines for Community Ideas and Tutorials

Still it's just another tutorial.

some links


Linux Beginners Search Engine - Forums Sticky Thread

How to install software on Linux Mint

telcnas 10 years ago

@sunewbie yes this is very much similar to the idea of google moderator but again a complete separate wiki is something huge and needs a lot of manpower for mantainence and all other sorts of things, so i'm trying to restrict things to the very level of this community....

Going through tutorial section and idea section one thing I noticed is the huge difference between the no. of votes and the comments made by different members.
This huge difference exist because people are not intereted in these tutorial and one cannot blame authors because they don't even know(or have an idea) about the preferences and needs of users today, so they are publishing whatever they want to even though they do have potential to come with something which will fullfill the needs of many and thus will attract huge audience.
Today we'll find tutorials in quantity but many of them lack the quality needed.This whole approach of submission of tutorials looks a bit discouraging to me.
Even I could publish a lot of things but I don't know whether is it needed or not....I would like to promote this idea of users making queries related to my tutorials using comment section efficently.
There is nothing wrong in publishing something which already exists in public domain, if the very next version is a bit more conceptual and informative than the previous one.

I'm just asking for a direction to work in and I'll like to have a sub section under Tutorials Section listing the topics needed.....

Prototype Model:

1. First a user will submit a topic
2. Next allow voting, for increasing the relavance of the topic -- Promote
3. Members enrolling themselves for a particular topic(no need for some complex implementation , one may simply submit his/her name via comment section only)
4. If say more than one member applies for a particular topic ... then they may reach to a particular consensus by communicating via inbox/outbox feature.
4. Submission of tutorial
5. Discussion including all sorts of questions and answers via comment section only.
6. Decreasing the relavance implying the satisfaction of users.--Demote(We may use promote/demote option for this particular concept)

Because whatever the tutorial is, all it shows is an effort made by a particular user to bring some info in the public domain----So I find this option of promote/demote(specially demote) a bit awkward here.

Look I'm trying to increase the efficiency without increasing the workload of developers otherwise this thing can be implemented in a far more better way.

I'm also looking forward for different approaches if feasible, hence I'll appreciate any suggestions regarding this idea... :)


sunewbie 10 years ago

is it something like creating a wiki and then adding a poll / discussion on google moderator??

sunewbie 10 years ago

I agree. Promoting ...

telcnas 10 years ago

@sujitnag & @chassum thanks.....

chassum 10 years ago

I like this idea :)

sujitnag 10 years ago

I agree with u.
I just add one more thing, there shout be a moderator who punch all this article and make a rich tutorial. there should be mention which part is selected from whom.

Every one not learn same thing at same time. So, current tutorial section is not so much attractive.