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 Steam should be included in the software Manager of Linux Mint 15

Created 4 years ago, edited 4 years ago.
Status changed 4 years ago

23 votes

“Quoting Clem here; “Just as “killer-apps”, games are among the top reasons which prevent people from switching completely to Linux. In 2012, 15 games were scored 90% or higher on Metacritic. None of them were released on Linux...At the end of last year, Valve and Canonical announced they were working together to bring Steam (which is estimated to have a 70% share of the digital distribution market for video games) to Linux...Valve is planning a new gaming console in 2013 based on Linux and the company is currently promoting its Linux client, even to its Windows users. Gaming media, blogs and magazines are covering the news and some of the major studios are considering porting their games to Linux.” unquote.


With 70% share of the digital distribution market for video games, Steam would be most wanted by new windows converts. In fact, by including Steam, Linux Mint would get financial support from Valve Corporation, the company behind it.


1 year ago

good idea, can be set to status: implemented!
At least in version 17.3 it is availaible in the Softwaremanager.
4 years ago

Uh, please watch the Linux Action Show on Youtube. If you did you would have known this has allready been done! I will promte it but stop posting ideas that have been implimated by Ubuntu. Shesh.  
4 years ago

why not.. if yes steam login too !
steam login allows to login directly to steam big picture mode.
both should be in repos at least.
4 years ago

Agree, gamimg can make new users to Linux  
4 years ago

If this shows up in Ubuntu it will show up in Mint... Ubuntu is Mints upstream provider...  
4 years ago

As i have submitted my idea that no extra software should be added.

4 years ago

Too may times this is been suggested over here.....

First of all EVERONE IS NOT A GAMER!!! I think the right place for this is in the software manager and in the featured section too, so it may be easily found and installed but please not included by default.

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