Moderator to 'close' voting on ''considered'' ideas

  10 years ago

I just found out, in Mint terminology, considered means not going to be implemented.. or rejected.

Why dont moderators have a facility to stop voting and close an idea and stop comments when they reject it.. its just logic, why waste resources on something you already rejected..

It will also be a little more practical and transparent to people.. I thought all this while that considered meant considered for the next release, or future, or distant future.. anything but rejected. My English is not bad either,
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remoulder 10 years ago


sujitnag 10 years ago

only one type of resources can be saved that is server storage space.
But I don't think LM face such type of crises. because, it already provide forum.

telcnas 10 years ago

I second to what @Hammer459 said....

sujitnag 10 years ago

If u see earlier post and commands, sense is that vote and comment is time wasting after reject( my last comment on that post).
feel the sense of that idea (why reject not consider).
U want to impose a restriction to the member not able to pass comment and cast vote after rejection.(am i right?)

I already said that(copy past part skip)
{ rejection include many factor development scope, time frame and many practical thing. I don't think my idea was worst so rejected, I will think
other way. So, say directly that help me to understand correct way.

only reduce confusion not impose restriction.
all idea has its own value it may be rejected.

Hammer459 10 years ago

It may be a good idea to close voting. There may still be a need to discuss a rejected idea. So I could vote yes to "Close voting" But I am undecided as to "Close comments"

AshBaby 10 years ago

@sujitnag, please check, I have commented on that idea...

just to clarify, I am requesting that comments and voting be disabled on rejected ideas by the moderator who rejects it to save their valuable space and our valuable time..

Please reconsider your esteemed comments after re-reading..

sujitnag 10 years ago

the sense of this idea came out in a earlier idea.(Change name of status Considered)

this is a duplicate idea.