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  7 years ago

Most of the software reviews here are of little value. If I want to know about an application I dont want read 300 reviews that all say ' a nice application'.

The way around this is to have a mimnimum length for a review and then have each review moderated to make sure the content actually says something useful. Points could then be awarded commiserate with the content.

I for one would be happy to take on a role as moderator

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telcnas 7 years ago

i don't have any idea about dev/staging may get that from moderators or developers only .....i think the best way to find about development projects and their platforms or to see if there is anything one can contribute to is to join the Mint Development IRC Channel #linuxmint-dev

InactiveX 7 years ago

Thank you Telcnas I will contact some of the moderators and also download the code. Is there a dev/staging platform ? I do have my own but as we know versions on different servers can cause issues. I will produce a small design spec with some screen mockups to get us started.

telcnas 7 years ago

Actually too many good ideas are suggested but just because of the shortage in the development team(what i heard so far) , things get delayed (or ignored for a long time)...even I'm going via javascript just because I would love to contribute in the applet and widget section..... :)...but there is to much too go through..eventually I'll be there :)

telcnas 7 years ago

This will simply increase the maturity level of this whole website..... :)

telcnas 7 years ago

Providing that you also volunteered for this whole thing, I find this whole explanation of yours interesting and a bit challenging. But as you already said that you did this before(starbucks) I must say now, that please(and its a big one :)...) do contact one of the members listed under Moderation section or specifically you may also contact @clem regarding implementation of this little system....and yes, you may also collect the source code to this website from ...

Now I'm Promoting your idea...... :)

InactiveX 7 years ago

Telcnas - thank you for your comments here. Very constructive. My view on this is to keep things pretty fluid. By providing users with two options 1 - a basic scoring option where they could mark an application out of 10. The second option would allow them to write a review. I actually dont think one one need any form of censorship other than removing reviews that merely state one liners like 'i like this app'

I thought a minimum length of say 20 chars would curtail most of these. The moderator would not make decision on the content other than to remove any that were clearly not reviews. We could even extend the first option to allow users who voted to make a brief comment if they so wished but these would be located in a different area to the reviews.

I architected a system like this for starbucks some time ago and it worked well with minimum admin. User responses also increased because it encouraged those who would not otherwise make a comment to do so on the marking system.

telcnas 7 years ago

@InactiveX I respect and appreciate your level of thinking but again what you just suggested looks a bit complicated to me.

You also stated and I quote "I for one would be happy to take on a role as moderator", well in this regard I must say that you must make a contact with any of the moderator listed in Moderation section of this community..... :)

First I demoted this but as you also volunteered for this.....I'm going to be neutral over here.....

I'm being neutral because I think there are few more issues which must be addressed first, like:
*What are the factors deciding whether a particular review is useful or not?

*Once decided that something is not useful enough, what actions you are going to consider?

*How you are going to ensure that this is not going to be considered as a bit offensive at the very user end....or is it not going to effect or discourage the participation of a particular user?

*What acc. to you is going to be the minimun limit?

*How exactly be sure about that nobody can write a useful review within the minimum limit mentioned?

These are very awkard questiones which need to addressed hence making this whole thing a bit complicated???

One possible soln is to leave the things the way they are and let the user decide the quality of their reviews.... :)

InactiveX 7 years ago

Goodness me there is no need for a comment like that. I am trying to be helpful here. I am starting to find some of these responses a little purile to be honest.

larmi 7 years ago

in reddit comment points work quite nicely so yes for points..
minimum length why? where not in elementary school so if it is good and short review ..
no minimun length !!

InactiveX 7 years ago

My comments are neither sad or opinions they are ideas or suugestions to improve the LM experience. Whilst we may all object to the behavior of the mega corporations the only way to diminish their powers is to attract users to open source and in particular LM. This is not selling it is survival. I am saddened to see that my comments are construed as being negative as this is so far from the truth. As a group we must be prepared to listen to comments from others and not construe them as being direct attacks on LM or what it stands for.

sujitnag 7 years ago


very up sad comment.We are not a sell man and actively pushing LM is not our job. I don't think LM is so bad that we need to push it in such a way.

more sad comment on active community members' knowledge.

u may need more specific area.

InactiveX 7 years ago

My comments arent based upon my own feelings here as a developer. I have been actively pushing mint to my colleagues and friends over the last few months. Once again I think we have arrived at an impasse.

Most of the users I have brought to the table are ex-Windows and I am reporting back the general feedback. The overiding feeling as that many reviews simply do not help in their decision making. I accept that they can go to other sites to get more detailed (and not necessarily technical) reviews but they are not used to foraging through forums and the suchlike. For Heavens sake most of them dont know the differences between Ubunto, Mint and the plethora of distros that are out there.

I would have thought that this place would be the ideal source for comprehensive reviews. I accept that there is a need for users to be able to voice their opinions on a piece of software but perhaps this could be a like count similar to facebook. Reviews could then be left on usabilitym unique features, issues etc.

I am not trying to be difficult here, on the contrary, I passionately believe that if we as a community are going to attract and keep new users, the bells and whistles have to ne right as well as the main event.

remoulder 7 years ago

This is not an idea so much as your opinion, please discuss these on the forums.

telcnas 7 years ago

As per your quote :
"The way around this is to have a mimnimum length for a review and then have each review moderated to make sure the content actually says something useful."
Don't you think we have a very debatable defination of useful here.. :)

Because for me as a one even a review like "Awesome" is very useful......

telcnas 7 years ago

@InactiveX "If I want to know about an application I dont want read 300 reviews that all say ' a nice application'." :)

Ok, Now with all respect I would like make few points over here:

First of all we must not forget that there does exists different format of reviews as well and we must keep one thing in our mind that the majority of users to whom this particular distribution targets to, comes from non-technical end....

Second, either it is software manager or it is this website....both consist a brief overview attached with set of features and link to original website for every single application listed in the repo. From this a user may simply find out what exactly a specific application does.

Third, reviews like nice application, awesome bla bla bla....actully implies whether the applications are doing what exactly they are meant for, whether they are performing well enough, are they satisfying the needs of an end user etc...

And Fourth, if somebody really needs a very professional kind of review discussing pros and cons of a particular application and making comparions between different alternatives, one may simply get that from google or from other reviewing websites like webupd8,lifehacker,omgubuntu.....etc

Even a phrase like "a nice application" says a lot about application....isn't it...... :)

We cannot afford proffessional reviews from every single member of this community or every single user of Linux Mint, as @sujitnag pointed that not every single user comes from the very technical end.....Nobody has prevented anyone from giving well defined and structured reviews...but we cannot expect that from everyone..... :)

sujitnag 7 years ago

If u see score board, u will find few s/w get max score and most does not get as much. even max are zero score. It simply shows user does not comment for every s/w.
It is a good feedback for a developer.
everyone is not a s/w professorial.
If anyone want to comment on technical part most welcome.

restriction is always a painful idea. no one is able to implement it successfully.

chassum 7 years ago

I would rather have lots of current "works for me" and an occasional detailed review than just a couple of stale reviews.

Hammer459 7 years ago

For a software review to be of use it should describe the purpose of the software and any strong or weak points.
Including ease of use and ease of install/setup.

However the problem is that you will most likely only get reviews from the real fans or the real haters of a program unless we are talking professional reviews.
Thus as good as I think your idea is I see a problem getting it to work.

For now I remain undecided