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  6 years ago

There are 3 video players that are installed by default in linux mint ( VLC , Gnome MPplayer , Totem movie player ) . LM team should put them side by side , compare them and install only the best one. I know there is a similar idea , but i recently read about this problem in a linux mint review and i though to refresh the idea. I hope they make a change in LM 15 and if so , i hope they choose VLC.

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telcnas 6 years ago

One more thing:

If say you are using gecko by default and you are switching from gecko to totem then ensure that you are having all the required gstreamer libraries as for totem I already mentioned below that it depends on gstreamer libs whereas there is no such need in case of gecko as it uses gnome-mplayer as its backend...

Because changing from gecko to totem will affect media support in firefox for other codecs and file types as well.

telcnas 6 years ago

Few links to consider:

gecko-mediaplayer : A Mozilla browser plugin to handle media on websites, using gnome-mplayer.

totem-mozilla : A browser plugin based on the Totem media player for Gnome which uses Gstreamer.

mozilla-plugin-vlc : A NPAPI-based plugin that uses VLC technologies.;a=summary

telcnas 6 years ago

@seneg you are free to choose between gecko-mediaplayer browser support and totem browser support

totem browser support comes with totem media player
gecko-mediaplayer comes with gnome-mplayer

afaik by default, totem is configured for browser media support for a browser like firefox and one may also use all depends upon what is working for for me totem works well so I never felt any need for gecko-mediaplayer and thus gnome-mplayer.

And yes its not possible to install just the plugins for the browser without having the whole program because plugins depends upon the services provided by the base application and do not usually work by themselves. whereas, the base application operates independently of the plugins.

CAUTION: i must say the best thing is to leave the things the way they are unless you know the possible outcome of a particular event or how to revert things if something may go wrong... :)

seneq 6 years ago

@telcnas Is there a way to install just the plugins for the browser and the extra codecs and not the whole program ?

telcnas 6 years ago

@larmi removing totem media player is going to remove following as well:

by default it provides support for quicktime media and if you haven't changed anything since you installed your system or if you are not using any other plugin for quicktime media support do the following

1. Firefox-preferences-applications
2. Check 1: Note down the no. of applications or formats supported
3. Check 2: go to and play any of the trailer listed-things will run fine for now...
4. Simply remove totem now hence removing the other dependencies
5. Go for step2(decrease in formats supported) & step3(prompts for quicktime media support) again and you'll notice the difference and the importance of totem media player.....

so everything make sense....there is always a reason behind....

larmi 6 years ago

sure, any video player is good choice except totem !
many times get bad feedback from new linux user because totem is bad and i think there should be only one video player

totem required in some cases, when ? I do have not needed in any case!

remoulder 6 years ago

Personal opinion not an idea

telcnas 6 years ago

There are multiple media players beacuse there are few logical reasons behind this, out of which following is one:

gecko-mediaplayer & totem-mozilla both are plugins meant for playing different media formats in your browser say firefox & both of them depends upon gnome-mplayer & totem movie player respectively...
one may also use mozilla-plugin-vlc for playing different formats...but together they provides a kind of stablity in playing videos from different the end a user is free to remove any of these media players providing that they know what exactly they are doing and please do not report if the browser stops playing videos from different websites...

In short all this is meant for better media support provided by your browser.

So unless anyone has a better or alternative solution to the existing issue of stable browser-media support, please kindly accept the solution provided by linux mint...Thanks..

Hammer459 6 years ago

The problem is that there is not enough ... Each of the three installed has a group of followers that would be upset if you remove their favourite. Then there is the group (growing as it seems) that remove all three and add their own....
Not an easy call

sujitnag 6 years ago

I already post a idea on it.

quake0 6 years ago

Every time some one comes up with this idea it gets high scores. Yet for some reason mint keeps two to three players. Many mint 14 reviews got dinged for this problem. Having more then one is pointless and redundant. A total waist of hard drive and menu space.

sujitnag 6 years ago

I also agree with it.
My simple philosophy is that don't make iso unnecessary bigger. If possible remove software. may be more lover able to use it.

I only say that redundant s/w should be remove.(No specific choose for it)

PiGeek 6 years ago

Personally I like vlc for it's compatability, however the other 2 are faster.
So, thus I partially agree keep vlc and one of the others I really don't care which