Include Wireless Driver

  8 years ago

Tested on a MacBookPro using Nadia, MATE Edition.

When I install LinuxMint, the ethernet works fine but I can't use the wireless. To use it, I have just to open source software and enable the proprietary wireless driver (in my case it's "Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA Driver from bcmwl-kernel-source").

The problem is I need to be connected (so I must have ethernet connection) to enable it (because it's being downloaded), and this is so unconfortable if you have no possibility to ethernet connection (e.g. I'm a student and here at university there is wireless access only).

I strongly suggest to include the wireless driver for all laptops in each Mint release, they are no so big.
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Hammer459 8 years ago

It is not news that Mint can not include proprietary software in the distro for legal reasons!
As @remoulder stated this is duplicate, there are ideas of the same general content every few weeks.

sujitnag 8 years ago


i request u to provide the link. which help us to find and understand.

remoulder 8 years ago

Duplicate idea, and once again not legally permissible.