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  8 years ago
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For those who are unsure what I'm talking about, you'll notice in any desktop environment on any Linux distribution (I've ever come across) that there are no options to align your icons in both directions. You can align them to keep columns from overlapping sideways, but there are no horizontal grids to keep things aligned and spaced properly. Folders and icons end up overlapping or the top of an icon will cover the label under another icon.

Some people think this idea is outdated, unnecessary or for some other reason don't care for it to be integrated. For them, there could easily be an option to disable it, as there is for the current alignment options. However, there are still those Linux users who would like to see this feature integrated in to Linux desktop environments. I can count myself among those users; I like to have a lot of folders for various reasons. It helps keep things organized on the desktop. For people like us there are still no option to simply enable a grid to keep things from overlapping or to keep them organized.

I think, at least in some desktop environment, to see this become a standard option. I would love to see a feature like this in the Cinnamon settings, or in the right-click menu on the desktop where the "Keep Aligned" option would automatically align icons in both directions. Hopefully other people, especially developers, will realize this at some point in time.

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MrWicket 6 years ago

+1000 seriously one of the only things about Linux that annoys me coming from Windows and OSX. Furthermore the spacing of the grid needs to be adjusted or adjustable... there should not be a folders width gap between my columns. It's like that person at the stop light that could fit at least one car between his bumper and the car ahead..

Ironclad 8 years ago

@wilo108 I am pretty sure it is, I assumed that since Nemo is part of Cinnamon that it could be categorized with either. Really it would be nice to see in any of the desktops, not just Cinnamon.

anandrkris 8 years ago

http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=115411 - Brought me here and going by the popular opinion - promoting it.

wilo108 8 years ago


wilo108 8 years ago

this will need to be addresses in nemo rather than cinnamon, since it's nemo that handles the icons on the desktop, right?

Ironclad 8 years ago

@geoffm It works but it only keeps them in columns. They overlap/don't align if you try what I describe in the post above (moving icons and folders up or down).

geoffm 8 years ago

Oh it aligns them vertically? I thought the "keep aligned" feature just didn't work.

Hammer459 8 years ago

Ido not know for sure @telcnas but I do agree that it is for all intetnts a bug.
I think that it should be obvious that icon spacing should be present.
@Ironclad the reason that I found Mint was the event of Gnome shell that made Fedora completely useless :-) I use the desktop, just as I use the "real" desktop to put things I am working on.

Ironclad 8 years ago

@hammer459 I will try that also. Thanks. Though nothing goes on the desktop in Gnome 3 by default (which is one of the reasons I don't use it), Cinnamon does have it by default, and other desktop settings to suit it. Same with XFCE, LXDE and others. It's just really inconvenient for people who use the desktop a lot. :/

telcnas 8 years ago

@Hammer459 But we already have this concept of icon spacing, only the thing is, it only applies in vertical fashion....so why not to have this thing horizontally as well???

In Gnome 3 we know that icons not get displayed on desktop so in that case excluding such concept of spacing icon in horizontal or vertical manner makes complete sense. Now even though Cinnamon is based on Gnome-shell, they already included the concept of vertical spacing, so why they prevented icons getting aligned in horizontal fashion as well????

It seems like a bug to me now.....

telcnas 8 years ago

sounds logical and makes complete sense....promoting.... :)

Hammer459 8 years ago

This is a problem as of Gnome 3 due to the fact that in Gnome Shell you are prevented from even putting anythig at all on desktop. Thus the developers of Gnome (that is the base of Cinnamon) likely see no need for icon spacing :-)

I promote the idea but you should post it at https://github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon