suspend from lock screen

  6 years ago

Actually, if the computer is locked, we have to unlock first (enter password or login as another user). I would like to be able to suspend directly from the lock screen. I'm on mint 13 cinnamon.

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Arpy 3 years ago

I use a laptop, and this issue is annoying a little bit. When my machine is locked, I have to unlock it to just to be able to suspend it.

It would be great, if an optional checkbox would be available in the system settings for this too.

sujitnag 6 years ago

u r correct.
but still it is not clear about the practical situation
where lock-> suspend work.
because all individual option are available.

Hammer459 6 years ago

@sujitnag in suspend your work is not lost, the computer is just suspended and will restart in a couple of seconds but use less power. Even a hibernate might make sense where the computer is suspended to disk and kan be restored so running state albeit it takes more time.
Suspend and restore can make sense in a workplace where someone just locks the screen and leaves for the day. There may be power save reasons or even that there may be an imminent power outage so you want to save the running state of the machine of your collegue :-)

jupiter66 6 years ago

Screen lock prevents unwanted access to the user's session, only. Actually, any other user can login (or switch user) from the lock screen and suspend/shutdown the computer from its own session (can also press the reset button!)... So I still think it's a good idea.

However, we could also add an option (give the choice) to do a complete "lock" without "user switching/suspend/shutdown" possibility. If a normal user has no access to the reset button, it could make sense. Personnaly I don't need this but... why not.

AshBaby 6 years ago

he he.. defeats the purpose of locking the screen doesn't it?

sujitnag 6 years ago

we use lock mode because
1)- we don't want to shutdown
2)- still few work is incomplete
3)- no other use my computer /interrupt me
but if any one suspend from lock screen, I will lost my job,
it is direct interruption.

s this is not a good idea..........................

PiGeek 6 years ago

But, in theory you are trying to prevent anyone from using you computer at all, including suspending it.