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  11 years ago

So far I'm really enjoying the ideas system, but sometimes I see other users who have ideas which could be related to mine. I certainly understand the commenting system to offer your take on an idea. Following in line with @ikey and his groups idea found here ->

Is there a possibility to create groups of ideas? Thought clouds and webs of sorts? The ability to connect my similar idea to someone else's similar idea? For example, I think it would be a valid thought to be able to link my idea of a different sort of group to @ikey and his idea of groups. I would propose this relationship has to be approved by the idea generators, but I wonder if there is a way this can be done to organize people under a common philosophy more so than actual likes or dislikes, like in this case, designing of the group system within the Community site. It could be extended to items like UI design, usability, security implementations, etc. In my mind, this has the potential to create alliances or pseudo-teams with similar ideas on how they feel certain items should be thought about, and who knows, may even encourage a "best practice" kind of scenario from which even tutorials may be generated from.

Also, there is the idea of the ever-present "tag cloud" of what hot items are being mentioned in the community as far as relation to ideas and what is popular, however I regard the above in much higher relation as useful. I think if the first item were to be implemented however, a "What's popular now?" tag cloud may work towards getting people able to see the hot items of the day.

Thanks for reading this (lengthy) post.


The way I'm thinking about this is almost if we can collect ideas together a tutorial can be generated without anyone actually having to write a tutorial, almost like a mashup of ideas which can be filtered through and expanded as necessary into a reasonable document from user contribution, but no one actually attempting to generate the end document. The ideas can serve as a good launch point that when organized, have the potential to create a core document.

Think in this regard - I have an idea on groups, @ikey has an idea on groups, perhaps @clem has an idea on groups, and we decide to relate those. In that instance, we now have the foundation for generating proper protocol on handling groups within the site. From there, explanations of how it works are already documented in the brainstorm, and from there it's easy to generate a tutorial of what is actually happening.

Edit 2: 4/19/10 20:36 GMT-5

If there are users who have ideas, but due to the sheer number generated in a day and up for review and consideration, this may be a quick way to get yourself noticed by others who already have ideas and thoughts on the subject you may be attempting to generate an idea for.
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oscar799 9 years ago

I'm marking this idea "Considered"

AlexVSharp 10 years ago

Would just like to add that Ubuntu Brainstorm has some very nice ideas' organisation. Perhaps we can "borrow" some of their layout as well?

blueXrider 10 years ago

Yes. Something better needs to be done about the posts and reposts.

orionthehunter 10 years ago

TLDR, like the title.

thermodynamics4 11 years ago

I've recommend your 5 min tutorial in a small tutorial that I've made and put a link of yours in there... I know that yours don't need to be screamed but the idea is to relate every idea with the other one that helps in an organized manner... Nice thinking Justin.

thermodynamics4 11 years ago

The idea of connecting ideas is a good one, and I've recently wrote an idea about co-relating tutorials and to help each other to add/copy/polish tutorials. The best way to relate ideas is to care about the info that is already there and put the hyperlink of this tutorial/help/solution. In our new tutorials. It's a waste of resources of every human trying to help if the help/solution/tutorial is lost in the sea of repeated ideas. Every new Idea got to have a level of responsibility to first look/search/find a prior idea, and try to link your "new" approach or depth to this one, or make the new post and add a link from the old one with the proper notes with small info about Version/Edition/Etc...

kneekoo 11 years ago

Tags are very nice. They could be easily used to group certain ideas. I hope this will be added to the development plans sometime soon.

justin 11 years ago

If my idea about linking has been said and done before, I think the links to said ideas have been provided, to further enforce the notion of the necessity of linking?

Btw, I like this ->

Actually is partway what I was thinking (If you utilize ideas as the solutions part)

squishy 11 years ago

this has been put forward several times now and itself should be grouped with the others. Ideas like this if grouped would attain a more sensible sore

kevr 11 years ago

Correction, apparently I misunderstood the quote: I agree with everything.

kevr 11 years ago

I agree with all of the above except: "The way I'm thinking about this is almost if we can collect ideas together a tutorial can be generated without anyone actually having to write a tutorial"

justin 11 years ago

In regards to my post - I can however, also see a very tangled web here of relations and being able to logically link ideas. If someone else has an idea on group functions, how do they know that a mashup or other linked ideas related to the functionality of groups already exist? With this, there is the consideration of orphaned ideas. So then a question that happens is, how do you make said linked ideas findable?