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  10 years ago

Not very important, but the way in which ideas are ranked does not make much sense: they are first ranked by score. This is sensible, of course, but then, when there are ties, the idea with more votes is ranked first. This is less sensible. If two ideas have the same score, the idea with more votes has more negative (or indifferent) votes.

The tie-breaker should be the numberf of positive votes.
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RayWoods 8 years ago

The score an idea obtains has very little to do with its final fate as we Moderators look more to the practicalities and benefit to the community. As our numbers have been increased and we are whittling down the number of outstanding old "new" ideas so sorting through the remaining new ideas should become easier. Sorry.

New > Rejected

RavS 9 years ago

It may not be "that" important, but it makes complete sense to me.

blueXrider 9 years ago

If it's not important, why post it?