Tool to sync personal configuration between machines

  12 years ago

Linux is nice because if you have a separate home folder, after a fresh install you desktop is the same, shortcuts are the same, behaviour is the same, etc.

BUT, if you have another machine (me, for example, using desktop and laptop running the same mint edition), it is a lot more tricky and difficult to make the machines behave the same, and even to keep them behaving the same.

I should be nice to have some way of:

1) transfering some configuration of a running machine into a freshly installed new machine;

2) making an already running machine to inherit the configurations of another running machine;

3) have an option to continuously sync (via cloud server) the behaviour (configs) of the user's machines, in a "google toolbar" fashion. This would be necessary since we are always evolving the way we work with the computer, and learning some new tricks;

3) [optional] switch between different "user profiles", making it possible to use someone else's machine with our own configurations, and switch back after using it (maybe it should be better to have another user session which would load the profile from server).

I know it is not that easy, but would be definitely great!
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RayWoods 10 years ago

New > Consider

fellfire 11 years ago

Sounds like the new Ubuntu's OneConf

blueXrider 11 years ago

would be nice to do. Something like "remastersys" for network

DJCrashdummy 12 years ago

seems to be nearly the same idea:
Sync software selection with Mint account

@heltonbiker: i know you was fist...! ;-)

heltonbiker 12 years ago

@beefstu: yes, I know (thanks the team!) we're going to have a tool to reinstall the apps, but i'm talking more of syncing configuration, meaning computer behaviour rather than the list of installed software. And, since there are a lot of sparse files responsible for the computer behaviour, there shouldn't be nedded to backup the whole home folder and restore it on the other machine, neither the user should use a needle-in-a-haystack method to backup only the important configuration files (gnome/gconf mainly, I guess).

beefstu 12 years ago

If you look at this blog post there is a new mintbackup coming in Mint 9 which you can backup your programs and restore them. I would imagine that you could set up the programs you want on one PC, back it up then restore it on another.