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 Compiz-MATE 0.8.8 should be included in Linux Mint repostory

Created 4 years ago, edited 4 years ago.
Status changed 4 years ago

Under dev. review
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Compiz-MATE 0.8.8 is a fork of compiz made by the Mate community and published at .Knowing that the Compiz maintainer is not willing to cooperate on porting Compiz to Wayland (or any other replacement) and that Canonical is going to drop Compiz, I think Linux Mint should think of the future of Mate DE and adopt this fork of compiz by including it in its repository and/or including it as a default application on its future releases with fusion icon preinstalled to kick it in.

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4 years ago

I think the compiz cube is the kewlest user environment ever. Mate could by default install the cube and preposition default apps on the various sides. So you'd have a cubeside with terminal, config, sysmon and software manager. Then you'd have another side dedicated to texting, email, dictionary, Libreoffice a character finder. An allout programming side and a browsing side, all preconfigured on the cube.

You can easily expand or reduce the number of sides on the "cube". It would be nice if the differend functionalities were easily recognisable through indicative backgrounds on the various sides of the cube.

I thought PClinuxOS had experimented with various pre-cooked pages but not laid out shaped as a cube.

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