software sources reset button (to troubleshoot mintupdate errors)

  10 years ago

Many a times, users add ppa's or change the type (numbering) they need to suit a specific purpose.

Adding ppa's especially is often done to install some software not in the repo's or to get updated versions, also for themes and icon packs.

These accumulate in the other software section under software sources preferences. They might not go away if the ppa's are not removed even when software is uninstalled and cause mintupdate to take time and have many failed entries.

Also, a layman might not remember what he/she added.

Please keep a button in the software sources to reset it to the initial installation. Would be helpful, especially for not so new newbies.

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anandrkris 10 years ago

Risk of losing updates if you do a factory reset for software which are still installed? "Clear Unused ppa's" sounds good option. Add your idea here as a comment. Clem might see it. A new Mint tool called “mintSources” with some good features is being worked upon and will be available in Mint 15.

KOLEGA 10 years ago

Maybe adding this but at least a history! Promote!